We got about a quarter inch of snow yesterday, so we all went out to play.

Yesterday was bitter cold, but we managed to have some fun in the snow, and Taylor got his hot chocolate.  We also braved the elements to get our traditional Sunday Fro Yo from the Frosty Parrot (Fro Pa).  It is a Sunday treat that I love, but I do wonder how we will be able to continue consuming frozen goodness as the temperature continues to go lower and stay lower through the winter.  Poor Taylor was an icicle about the whole way home. 

One downside to the whole weekend was that I was fighting a stomach bug.  Actually the whole family seemed to be dealing with something, but I think it hit me the hardest.  It's no fun being sick on the weekend!  At least we all seem to be doing a bit better today.

We did enjoy some tasty stew last night (at least, Bob and I enjoyed the stew) and we have plenty of leftovers for the rest of the week.

Here's to hoping for a calm week ahead!

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