This week has just flown by!  I've been super busy working and writing, Bob's been super busy with one of their colleagues in from Los Alamos, and the Wee has been super busy growing and playing and teething!

That's right, he's got two more teethers coming in, which has resulted in just a little bit of restlessness, but overall he has been very happy this week.

That's an accomplishment, too, considering that we found this week that his right ear is still infected.  He is now taking an oral antibiotic, so wouldn't you know, we've already had one outfit-changing-poopy and a bath this morning.  Fun times!

We went out to dinner with some of Bob's work colleagues last night, and Taylor was so so good.  He ate and played and stayed very patient the whole time.  He is just a super sweet baby.

Right now Sigmund, our crazy cardinal is pecking right at the window where Taylor is standing on his chair.  The two are sort of looking at each other and I am reminded of the On the Night You Were Born book that says, "if a bird comes to sit at your window a while, it's because it wants to see you smile."  This bird's in luck, because my Pea has many smiles and he is very generous with them.

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