So yesterday (Saturday) was a lovely day.  The weather was nice, we got a bunch of stuff done, I went to a lovely bridal shower for a dear friend.  Bob and I had a nice romantic dinner yesterday evening.  Yes, it was lovely.

Today, not so much.  Perhaps as a result from allergies leftover from Saturday, Bob spent much of the morning in bed, fighting off a fever.

The Pea was in great spirits for almost all of the day.  Very sweet, playful, and lovey.

But, it was raining and yucky all day.  Not so good when we'd been planning to spend the afternoon planting some yummy vegetables and herbs.  The bad weather left me feeling a little disappointed and blue.

Then we ended our day with Taylor throwing up all over me.  Definitely not the best way to end the weekend.  We think it was brought on by him having a coughing spell and just sort of gagging himself (he's been known to do this).

But the thing with illness, I'm learning, is that there is just so much grey area.  And so much guilt, too.  Illness often first appears as just one minor change in a usual pattern.  And with that minor change (a cough, a gag, some spit up, some throw up, a longer than usual nap), I start questioning all of my responses.  So I'm left wondering if this is just one of his little coughing/gagging spells or if something more troublesome is approaching.  It seems that with many of his past illnesses my first approach is to write it off and attribute it to something innocuous.  Then, the next day, when he wakes with a fever, it occurs to me that he might actually be sick!

So who knows what's going on.  I truly hope this is just a little bump in the road.  I am planning to make him a follow-up ear check-up, so I guess I'll learn more then.  In the meantime, I hope he stays healthy.

I have to say, I have this feeling that our family is just not healthy right now.  I'm the last one standing today, and right now I smell like puke.

I'm going to go scrub myself.  Please keep your fingers crossed that we all stay healthy!

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