I'm hoping to make a Taylor post every Tuesday and title it "TaylorTuesday," so here is today's inaugural post.

Taylor woke so happy this morning.  He was running around in his diaper and climbing his cube and laughing laughing laughing.  We had fun playing, "How big is Taylor?  Soooo Big!!!"  This made him laugh and fling his arms around my neck and hit me with a big kiss.

When we returned home from work and daycare today, as we walked down the driveway, Taylor ran over to our bench and managed to climb onto it on his own!  He was so happy and proud of himself!  He then managed to climb down on his own.  Bob and I sat on the bench while Taylor climbed up and down, up and down.  He enjoyed walking away and waving and saying "Bah Bahye!"  Then he came back to us and climbed up again.

From playing on the bench and in the driveway, Taylor then ran into the garage and grabbed the Swiffer mop.  Bob adjusted it down to make it 'Taylor-sized,' and then he proceeded to Swiffer the driveway and the yard.  It was just too cute!

And that's all I have for TaylorTuesday.

Things are going well for us, but this week has been so busy, it's hard to believe it's only Tuesday.  We're making big efforts to use our time in the evenings to really wind down and recharge.  Hope everyone else is taking time to recharge for themselves!

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