Well, it certainly has been a little while since I last posted.  We've passed one (make that two) Taylor Tuesday(s), and we are on our second weekend.  Time goes by too fast!!

Last weekend we enjoyed a lovely visit with Grandma and Grandpa Snyder and Auntie Leah.  We were hoping to see the kites on Washington's Mall, but, unfortunately, the weather prevented us from really enjoying the Kite Festival.  Even though we were unable to get out and walk around the festival, we still drove down, saw some kites, and walked along a little park and waterway.  We were able to go out to  lunch and visit one of Bob's Northern Virginia friends.  Most of the weekend, though, was really just about visiting and playing with Taylor.  It was great to have the family together.

I'm currently updating this post and have realized that we are now in our third weekend! 

Since I started writing this post, Taylor has had a bit of illness in the form of a cold, ear infection, and fever.  Poor little guy!  He really hasn't been himself lately, but has turned the corner, I think, yesterday and today.

What's new in the world of Taylor? 
* He is putting big legos together all by himself
* I think he may have seen our chocolate lab calendar and shouted "dog!" (this could also just be in my head)
* We went to the playground today and he climbed up a bunch of stairs and went down the slide in Mommy's lap.  He also spent some time swinging in the baby swing and sitting on Mommy's lap in the big kid swing.
* He's finally getting back to his happy, laughy, gibberishing self.

Last night Bob and I got a sitter and had a nice romantic date.  We ate at our favorite restaurant (Poor Billy's) and had all of our favorite dishes!  We then saw the movie I Love You, Man, which is a pretty funny comedy.  I would definitely recommend it to friends, especially if you're putting it on your list for online movie rentals.

Grandma Linda
4/12/2009 06:46:02 am

So glad Taylor is feeling better. Sounds like you guys are having great fun. Wish I was there but I'm looking forward to Friday!

Grandma Debbie
4/26/2009 07:58:58 am

What a cutie. The wonders of childhood should be bottled and sold to refresh one's soul. Everytime I look at Taylor, I am reminded of joy, life and love. Please kiss him for us and tell him we love him. Really love reading your posts.

Thank you for blessing us with such a wonderful Grandson. Look out world.



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