Well, this weekend I definitely enjoyed lots of tasty treats!  I tried to do it in moderation, but I definitely came into Monday feeling a little over-stuffed.

It all started on Friday, with Bob coming back into town and wanting to eat at El Rods.  I put forth a pretty good effort to avoid some of the pitfalls of Mexican restaurant dining.  I always leave there feeling bloated and yucky.  For lunch, I had very minimal chips and a salad with no cheese sauce, which is their version of "dressing."  It was very good, and I would have been fine, but then we decided to go to Frosty Parrot for some fro yo goodness.  I love my fro pa, so I definitely had a big cup with a lite amount of yummy toppings, including Reese's cups, Snickers, and cookie dough bites.  Yum!  Fridays are supposed to be pizza night, but since I had indulged in the afternoon, I ate the salad I had originally packed as my lunch that day, so I sort of evened things out.  The salad was delish!  It was spinach, some cut up carrots, cherry tomatoes, and leftover cold salmon from the night before.  I mixed up my own dressing of some EVOO and lemon juice, with some Italian seasonings and fresh cracked pepper thrown it.  It really was very tasty.  Plus, I ate about 3/4 of a slice of cheese pizza.

Saturday's meals were scrambled eggs/whites for breakfast, half of a chicken wrap for lunch, pretzels for pm snack, and for dinner I had a Cobb salad at Red Robin, with the balsamic vinegar dressing, and Bob and I shared a slice of Red Velvet cake.

Sunday we had Father's Day pancakes and eggs/whites.  Lunch was grilled sausages, with spinach, cherry tomatoes, and roasted red peppers.  So good!!  I went a little overboard with the pm snack and ate a ton of graham crackers and chocolate PB2.  Graham crackers are my weakness!  Dinner was a special Father's Day dinner.  We had amazing grilled shrimp, 6 oz. filets, grilled zucchini, and some roasted baby gold potatoes.  For dessert, I made bite sized apple pies, using premade crescent roll dough, slices of apple, butter, and a sugar/cinnamon mix.  They were so good, and we served them with some vanilla ice cream.  Definitely a treat meal, but I enjoyed every morsel.  I actually only ate half of my steak and just enjoyed the other half of it as my lunch this afternoon (alongside leftover green beans, spinach, and cherry tomatoes).

So, what's in store for the rest of the week?

First let me announce that I am playing around with having themes for each night of the week, in order to facilitate menu planning.  Fun!  We will see how this works.  My themes are as follows:
  • Meatless Mondays
  • Tried and True Tuesdays (these are recipes that I've made a ton of times and know they are easy and tasty)
  • Wet Wednesdays (meals from the sea, aka Fish Night)
  • Thrilling Thursdays (meals that are either International or new or just fun in some way or the other)
  • Family Night Fridays (usually Family Pizza Night but can also include restaurants family members want to go to or other fun family-centered meal ideas)
  • Saturday & Sunday are nights when we'll have staples on hand and may need to get fresh veggies in order to do lots of grilling out (weather permitting) or meals that take longer to make and are easier to do on the weekend or help with prepping for meals for the week.

I've probably put too much thought into all of this, but it is something I enjoy.  I'm hoping this will help make menu planning easier and possibly even help with coming up with grocery lists, etc.

In a lot of ways, these themes are sort of close to how I've been planning meals for some time now.  We've done Fish Night on Weds for a long time.  We typically do easy meals the rest of the week.  One new thing is the "Meatless Monday" idea.  We'll see how long that lasts, as I'm not sure Bob is that into it.  I can also have some option meat add-ins for him.  But the themes might help me add a little order to my thinking, and we need to do a better job of planning for the weekend.  Often our weekend meals are "to be decided" and end up hinging on us going to the grocery store.  I would like to be better prepared so we don't necessarily have to hit the store in order to have dinner.

Considering how much I indulged this weekend, this week is a chance to get myself back on track and possibly do a little more planning so that I'm eating healthier over the weekend, as well.

  • Monday: Stuffed Sweet Potatoes (stuffed w.black beans, salsa, cheese, broccoli, etc).
  • Tuesday: Smokey stuffed peppers
  • Wednesday: Baked fish, mac-n-cheese, broccoli
  • Thursday: Pasta Primavera, with mushrooms, tomatoes, and any other leftover veggies available, using either Penne or Bow Tie pasta
  • Friday: Family Pizza Night
  • Saturday: Turkey burgers with poached eggs

Should be pretty tasty!

It may not be much to look at, but this little baby was super tasty!  May I present, the portobello pizza.  I could definitely see doing this in lieu of the traditional pizza on family pizza night (for myself, at least).

This was a vegetarian, easy, filling meal.  I whipped up the filling for my pizza, and while it was cooking, the boys made their own "make your own pizzas."  The result was very little clean-up and a fun, tasty dinner.

olive oil
cherry tomatoes, quartered
seasonings (I used some basil and thyme from my garden), minced
squeeze of minced garlic
a couple squeezes of lemon juice
handful of torn baby spinach
portobello mushroom
handful of skim, shredded mozzarella

Preheat oven to 400 degrees
Heat up your pan with a little olive oil
Saute your tomatoes, seasonings, garlic, lemon juice, and spinach
Remove your stem of the portobello (don't worry about the ribs)
Fill your portobello with your filling and top with as much mozzarella as desired
Bake for 12-15 minutes, turn on Broil (Hi) for a couple of minutes at the end and make sure to pull it out before it burns.

I let the kids choose to use either English muffins or tortillas for their pizzas.  Stephen chose tortilla, Taylor chose the muffin.  They both had a bowl of cheese, and they requested sliced hot dogs as their toppings.  Oddly enough, they both turned down offers of spinach, tomatoes, and fresh basil.  Oh well!  They had fun and ate all of their "pizzas."

I probably went a little heavy on the cheese, but man, was it good!  I will definitely be making this dinner again :)  A great option for Meatless Mondays.

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