Yesterday we kept Stephen home from daycare, since he was ill the day before, so I did what I always yearn to do when I'm home and practically alone: I rearranged furniture!

I've been craving more organization in our kitchen area -- the clutter on the counters has been driving me crazy.  So yesterday I moved a writing desk that had been in the master bedroom and put it along the main wall in our kitchen dining area.  I managed to get the entire table downstairs by myself and my fabulous sis-in-law helped me get it over the baby gate (which I couldn't figure out how to take down).

I think this little center of organization looks very nice, and it has already proven to be super useful.

I know that Bob is not in love with it, but he has been very open and supportive of my desire to do something organizational with that space.  He agreed that the table, when in the bedroom, was not doing much beside gather dust.  He does feel that it is too big for its new space, but I think overall he's okay with it.

I made a pretty organizer for paperwork, and Stephen helped with a bit of the crafting.  You can't see it so well in the picture, but there is a pretty metal box on the table and I used craft paper to make dividers labelled FILE, OUT, and COUPONS.  I also used more paper to create little pockets in my dividers.  I would like add a nice framed family picture there once we finish our picture project.

In other news, I have not gone running for the last two days, and I am craving a run.  I brought my gear and plan to go this afternoon.  I just ate lunch (an English muffin with deli chicken and cheese, portion of Garden Salsa Sun Chips, two cookies, and one caramel chew), so now i need to let everything digest and then try to time my run so that my food is mostly digested but I'm not too hungry again.  The timing can be so tricky.  That's one major plus about morning runs -- my tummy is always virtually empty, save for my pre-run banana.

It is currently 28 degrees and feels like 18, so I am not particularly excited about the cold nature of the run, but at least there's no question as to what I should wear...EVERYTHING!  I will plan to wear tights, sweatpants, t-shirt, long sleeve, hoodie, fleece head/ear band, and running gloves.  I'll probably be a sweaty mess by the time I'm done.  I have to say, I'm really not loving the winter running.  At least in the summer, there's one temp: hot.  You basically go light shorts and tank top every time and try to get out as early as possible.  Winter time is like, cold at the beginning, hot at the end, lots of layers, so much more STUFF.  And I find myself running in the afternoon because it's warmer, but then I'm either digesting food or hungry, and it's just not ideal.

Oh well, at least I get to run!