One thing that is stressful to me is the uncertainty I have when considering the best way to start training for a half-marathon but still continue doing the small amount of strength training that I have recently incorporated into my workout routine.  The truth is, I'm not even sure what to do with the basic running and strength training I'm doing now, much less a good plan to do 1/2 marathon training.

So I've been researching, and I think I may be getting closer to a plan.  I am finding this site extremely helpful:  I've considered a couple of different training options, but I think I am going to go with the one from this website, and I'm tweaking it just a bit so that our long runs take place on Friday.  This will put us having a rest day on Mondays, which I think could be good.

I also really like the site's page about weight training when training for a half.  I may do a few variations with the exercises, but I am definitely going to be using their page as a basis for my workouts.  The site recommends using relatively low weights, which is how I'll start.  I'm listing the exercise below for future reference:
  • Bench Press (2 x 12): You should perform two sets of twelve repetitions. Use weight that you can easily complete two sets of twelve repetitions without the assistance of a spotter. I am not saying to not use a spotter, rather that your spotter should not have to assist you in completing these two sets.
  • Dumbbell Curls (2 x 12): Use weight you can do two sets of twelve repetitions.
  • Lat Pulls (2 x 12): Use weight you can pull down and finish two sets of twelve repetitions.
  • Back Extensions (2 x 12): Do not use weight for this one. For marathon training, simply performing the exercise in enough.
  • Sit-Ups (2 x 15): Repetitions can really vary on this one depending on your choice and how easily you can do sit-ups. This can be a confidence booster if you can tone your abs. Just be smart and do what feels comfortable.
  • Crunches (2 x 15): Use your judgment here and let your body tell you whether to do more or less.
  • Leg Extensions (2 x 12): This is a great exercise and will help build your leg muscles and will help your knees feel stronger.
  • Leg Curls (2 x 12): This is a great way to strengthen those hamstrings which are very important for marathon runners.
  • Calf Raises (2 x 12): Strengthens the calves which you may find to be quite sore after those long runs.

I will probably end up doing planks and other types of ab work instead of crunches and sit-ups.  And if I have time, I might consider doing 3 sets of each exercise.

I plan to do these exercises on my off days from running, and I will probably take Saturday as a total rest day, so I think that may put me at doing strength 3 days a week, if I stay as consistent as possible.

I'm looking forward to trying out these new exercises and this new routine!

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