I've been so busy this week, I haven't had a chance to post any lunches, but that doesn't mean I haven't been enjoying some delicious meals lately.  All of these lunches are leftovers from some super tasty dinners.

Wednesday's lunch was leftover Philly cheestesteak stuffed green peppers, with a little side of more of the filling.  Thursday's lunch was teh 5 spice turkey lettuce wraps (I ate as a salad), and today is leftover oven-baked chicken fajitas.  Now, Bob says that it would be easier to just do those fajitas in the skillet, and they would taste just as good, but I do think they came out tasty very good from the oven, and the whole house smelled yummy the rest of the night.  The downside to doing them in the oven was that Stephen about nearly expired waiting for them to be ready.  That child was hungry!

The upside to all of these meals this week is that the boys ate them up!  They loved their deconstructed stuffed peppers, and they also did a great job with the deconstructed turkey wraps.  They did very well last night, too.  That makes one happy mommy :)

We have SO many leftovers in the fridge right now it is not even funny, so I think that's what we'll be having for dinner tonight.  We have a nice container of broccoli, along with leftover Indian food.  We've got one boneless pork chop, along with cubed, roasted sweet potatoes and sweet potato fries.  And we've got a little bit of fajitas and a bunch of rice!  I don't think we'll go hungry this weekend ;)

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