Here's the other dish we made out of the leftovers.  I don't even know what to call it!

Again, it doesn't look pretty, but it was quite tasty.  Originally, we were going to make a quick Shepherd's Pie.  We were going to add corn and edamame and top it all with microwave mashed potatoes and bake it in the oven.

But, we had leftover baked spaghetti squash, so Bob threw the spaghetti squash in the saute pan and added the beef & 'shrooms.  He added some Tabasco sauce to his, but I was very happy with my dish with no added spice.
Lunch today consisted of leftovers from last night's crock pot beef & mushrooms, a small amount of brown rice, and leftover roasted green beans.

It may not look pretty, but this lunch hit the spot!

You know, I had forgotten about this recipe until I found it by looking through my older blog posts.  I've only posted about a couple of recipes, but I thought I would make this yesterday, and we are already getting so many other meals out of it.  It's pretty crazy how versatile this dish it.

Because the beef & 'shrooms have tomato sauce in the base, I think it went very well with the pasta-like spaghetti squash.

Overall, I think I am ready to take a bit of a break from beef, but these meals were quite different.  I loved the use of the spaghetti squash with the meaty sauce.  I had been considering trying to do some kind of ground beef, diced tomatoes, squashy thing, and this ended up being pretty close and making good use of leftovers.

Looking forward to tomorrow evening's Buffalo chicken burgers!

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