Yesterday's run was so cold!  Bob said that there is no doubt that I am hardcore now, and I have to admit that I felt pretty badass with my hat and sunglasses and low ponytail (and many, many layers on).  I actually felt like my body was pretty comfortable.  The only part that was really frigid was my face, which was hurting by the end of the run.  The weather site said it was 27 degrees and felt like 18.

I would have loved to do a longer run, at least by .5 or 1 mile longer, but I ended it after the usual 3 miles, because I was so cold and also was feeling rather sluggish.  I guess it's because it was so cold that I felt a lot slower.

So Taylor was up at 5:20 this morning.  Ugh!  I should have known it was coming, since he had had a cycle of sleeping in.  He usually goes back and forth between sleeping well and waking early.  But it's still so painful to get up that early.  It's too bad.  I wish I could get up and get going with more energy.

On tap for today: make a weekly menu for next week, grocery shop...what else? We need to plan something fun!

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