I've done a lot of writing online, and in fact, I love to write.  Here's to hoping this posting becomes the first one of many.  What am I hoping to get out of this blog?  I want to chronicle and reflect on my daily activities, my health and fitness, and my hobbies.  This includes my activities with my family and the development of my children.  I want this blog to sort of include it all!  I don't want to focus only on my kids, nor do I feel like I am so cooking, fitness, or crafting-oriented that I could devote an entire blog to any one of those areas.  So I want to write about everything.

So what do I have to say for today?  The boys slept late (6:45 and 7), so we all got out of the house a little later than usual.  No morning run for me, which after yesterday's shower access and hot water debacle, I wasn't too inclined to do any morning running anyway.  I am planning to go this afternoon, though!

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