So I am not entirely sure what we'll be having on which particular day.  Right now I've got tons of ingredients to make the various meals, plus we should have leftovers of tonight's stew, so I'm just going to list out the rough idea I have of how our meals are going to go down this week, with the acknowledgement that it all could change depending on what leftovers we have on hand and how much energy I have by the end of the day.

Saturday (yesterday): Awesome Chicken Pad Thai -- found the recipe on Pinterest -- wish I had taken a pic!
Sunday: Beef stew 
Monday: Chicken Parm Zucchini Gondolas
Tuesday: Sharkeys (kids eat free, woot woot!)
Wednesday: Fish night (likely salmon for me), mac-n-cheese, mixed veggies
Thursday: either leftovers or baked pork, sweet potato fries, corn
Friday: Pizza

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