I reviewed my Menu Monday menu and am pretty pleased and sort of pleasantly surprised to see that we actually followed the plan.  Granted, the menu was pretty simple, but it's still nice to see that I stuck to something.  I wanted a simple menu because Bob was out of town for a couple of days, and now that he is back he got the choice for tonight to (a) prepare dinner and clean up afterwards or (b) go out to dinner.  I suspect we will going out to eat tonight.

So now I am trying to decide if I should go for a run or not.  I ran yesterday and the day before.  It is just so darn cold outside!  And I know that I've actually run in colder weather than this, but for some reason it has been really tough for me this week.  Both of my runs have been so sluggish!

Okay, so I saved this draft yesterday, and then I screwed up all of my motivation and strength, and I went for the run.  I totally didn't want to do it, but I forced myself...

And I'm so glad I did!!  I ended up having a great run.  Definitely faster than the previous two, and I really just felt better the whole time.  I'm not trying to set any speed records, but when I'm going slow it's a sign that I'm also kind of miserable.  This run was anything but.  It was warmer and I just felt like my body was working like a machine.


So I think I ran about 9 miles this week.  My little encouraging voice on my iPhone app said I ran more this week than last.


Now it's Saturday morning and it's cold and rainy.  Yuck!

We need to plan something fun for today.  Right now we are planning to do laundry and grocery shop.  Not too exciting.  What else fun can we plan for today and/or the weekend in general?

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