Quick review of our weekly menu.

So, I have been dealing with digestive discomfort for some time now.  At one point last week, I actually considered not eating as a way to avoid any discomfort.  That's when I thought, something's not right here!  So I have started questioning what it is that's giving me issues.  I know I need to meet with a doctor to discuss my concerns, but I'm pretty sure that anyone I would meet with would tell me to start by keeping a daily log of everything I'm eating and how I'm feeling on each day.  So I have started a simple pen-and-paper log of what I'm eating each day, including little notes as to whether I have any meetings that day (perhaps my discomfort is due to anxiety?), when I workout, and anything else that I notice along the way.

I have also been attempting to reduce some of my wheat consumption, since I know that wheat and gluten have been known to have adverse affects on the digestive system.  Maybe it's because I have a friend with Celiac's disease or because I have another friend who has been researching gluten intolerance, but I have just heard that a lot of people can have a wide range of bad reactions to gluten and wheat.

And I *know* that one shouldn't just diagnose oneself based off of a list off of the internet.  I know this!  But I'm also at a point where I can't take any more discomfort, and I have to do something.  I'm not going on some kind of crazy diet (lord knows I could never maintain something like that anyways), but I am trying not to eat pasta for every meal and trying to be more aware of the choices I'm making when eating.

I think that the daily log has been helping.  Just the act of writing it all down is helping me feel like I have a sense of control (which I know is just an illusion, but hey, it makes me feel better).  And I don't know why, but I've had less discomfort this week.  Yay!

So here's what we've been eating for our dinners (don't worry, I'm keeping the log just private for me!).

Sunday: Homemade chicken tikki masala, jasmine rice, naan
Monday: Fish (I made salmon and Bob made cod), mac-n-cheese, peas
Tuesday: Sauteed beef tenderloin, risotto, roasted asparagus
Wednesday: Baked, marinated chicken, julienne potatoes (cheesy!), roasted green beans
Thursday: Leftover chicken tikki masala, rice, naan
Friday: some kind of pizza, tbd
2/19/2012 11:41:06 pm

Good job with the log! You'll have to give us the recipe for your chicken. Jasmine rice sounds interesting too. How do you make that. What the heck is naan?

2/23/2012 03:30:28 am

I hope your issues are resolved soon! Naan is an Indian flatbread similar to pita bread. I made my red curry chicken last night and paired with jasmine rice and made homemade naan to go with it. Yum yum!!

2/25/2012 11:42:32 pm

Thanks for the comments! Leah, I will have to get that recipe from you -- it sounds so delish!


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