Last week was hard, to say the least.  So much happened, it felt much longer than an average week.

I have to say, I had a great weekend, filled with my in-laws (love!), moving (my sis-in-law, that is), my brother and his girlfriend (also love!), Spring Game, energetic little boys, and a nice chance to reunite with my long-lost husband who was out of town most of last week.  Frozen yogurt was consumed.  Really super double love the fro yo

This week is going to present some challenges, but I am ready for them :)

To that end, I started out my Monday with a great workout!  Here's what I did:

  • Warm-up: my mountain climber/jump up chin-up combo (4 sets, 8 repsx4sets)
  • Deadlifts with 125 lbs. on the trap bar, superset with side arm presses with 25 lb. dumbbells (3 sets)
  • Inclined crunches with a 10 lb. weight, superset with side arm raises with 10 lb. dumbbells (3 sets)
  • Farmer carries with 50 lb. dumbbells

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