This image may just look like a muffin tin with baked eggs in it, but to me it's so much more.  During the bustle of the weekend, it can sometimes be hard to make the time to make my egg muffins, but I can pretty much tell if I'm going to have a good week or a bad week based on this one simple thing.  For me, these egg muffins represent consistency, security, and the sense that I have a plan in place.

I was behind schedule last week, but I pulled it through and on Tues or Wed, I got these bad boys made, and I made a bunch, so I didn't have to do any prep (for the muffins) yesterday.
What I did do this weekend was get my life together.  I have a sweet husband who, on Saturday, took both of my little mischief makers to the grocery store and then took Taylor to a birthday party while Stephen napped.  This meant that I had hours (hours!!) home to myself.  My first inclination was to take a bubble bath, eat bon bons, paint my toenails and generally luxuriate.  Just kidding!  Actually, I started right away in tackling some tasks that I have been itching to do for some time.  Just some minor things like, oh, putting away the toilet paper that had been sitting in a package in our foyer for two weeks.  Also on Saturday, I vacuumed upstairs and down, put clean sheets on the master bed, cleaned the boys' bath and the main floor bath, swiffered all of the hard woods, including the stairs, cleaned the light fixture above the kitchen table, dusted the downstairs, and ran my laundry through the wash.  There's probably other stuff that I've already forgotten.

On Sunday, cleaned the master bath, folded a bunch of towels, put away my laundry, and I don't know what else!  Oh, and I tried this thing I saw on Pinterest that includes putting Rainex on my shower to keep it from collecting water and possibly preventing mildew-y soap scumminess.  We'll see if that works!

In addition to usual housework, I also made my lunch for the next day, packed up my work clothes into my gym bag, and laid out my gym clothes and shoes to be ready for the morning workout.

And, I breathed a sigh of relief.  It feels really good to have all of this done, even though I know the house is already gathering dust and grime and waiting for next week.

So, with me feeling like the house is pretty darn clean right now, I am going to try this whole thing where you do the 15 minutes a day to clean house (also saw on Pinterest!).  I'll link to her schedule if I can find it.

That's all for now -- gotta run!

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