Yesterday we took the boys to see Roanoke's Transportation Museum.  I tried my best to get good pictures of the boys, but they did not want to cooperate.  Neither one of them wanted to stay still!  I did manage to get a couple pics, though, and I even took a little video, but we'll have to see how well that turned out.

The boys (all three of them!) enjoyed the museum.  There were some pretty awesome model trains.  Taylor said he wanted one at home, and I think that's something we'll all do one day as a family.  I really enjoy the model trains, too!

Taylor and Stephen got to play around inside a big train that they had open to the public, and I think they enjoyed pushing and pulling on all of the levers and buttons.

We got to see some huge trains, and their little playground was fun too.

All in all, it was a nice trip.  I think the boys are still a little too young to really enjoy all the museum had to offer.  They weren't too inclined to stay in one place to let the grown ups read all of the plaques.  It was open enough and kid-friendly enough that we didn't need to hover over them, but we were still in a fair amount of motion through the whole trip, and their little attention spans are just not that long.

It was good times, though! 

2/1/2012 07:20:23 am

Sounds like a really fun trip. You'll have to go back when the little ones are older.


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