Hey look at me!  I'm back, and I'm writing.  Well, I'm taking pictures of my lunch, anyway.  So, I miss writing, I really do.  I've been craving it, actually.

At the same time, I am making some super yummy lunches.  A lot of them include leftovers from some super yummy dinners.  Pretty much all of them are involving lots of whole foods, which is really representative of the way I've been eating lately.

I've found myself being so excited about what I'm eating for lunch, that I want to take a picture of it.  This, I think, is too much oversharing for Facebook, so I've decided to try to post my daily lunches here.  Especially if they are lunches worth sharing ;)

Today's lunch is shredded turkey (leftover from last night's ahmazing dinner), quinoa, and some cut up red and green peppers.  After I heated it all up, I added some Sriracha sauce.  Delish!

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